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What Wine Goes With Which Cheese – Wine Tasting Pairings

Having a wine and cheese party? Or simply want to make sure you are serving the right combination of wine and cheese at your party? Or perhaps you’re trying to come up with the perfect gift idea for a wine lover. If so, here’s a great chart to help you remember which wine goes properly…

Pallet Projects Easy DIY Ideas for Old Pallet Wood

These are some gorgeous and unique DIY pallet home decor ideas to make with pallet wood and/or old reclaimed wood. I love finding easy ways to take old stuff that most people would burn or throw away and turning it into something beautiful and useful. These project ideas using pallet wood are exactly what I’m…

BRILLIANT Way To Quit Smoking!

If you’re a smoker, or love someone who is a smoker, I’m sure you’ve thought about how much MONEY one would save if they just quit smoking. Perhaps you’ve even said it outloud? I saw this picture on Facebook today from someone who has now been an EX smoker for a whole YEAR. This is…

Pallet Wood Floating TV Shelf Idea That Hides Your Wires

Like pallet projects? If so, this is for you! This is a beautiful DIY wall shelf for your TV that also hides all your wires. I found the picture here on indulgy…but it’s just the picture you see above.

2 Easy Tricks To Make Your Fake Christmas Tree Look Fuller, Brighter and More Real

There’s a common problem with artificial Christmas trees – they tend to look fake, have thin/bare spots, and they are never bright enough. There are some simple ways to make your fake Christmas tree look much more realistic and look well…. much BETTER. Unless you have an awesome fake Christmas tree that looks real like…

Fake Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

I found some beautiful ways to decorate your artificial Christmas tree this year. note: Need help finding a new artificial Christmas tree? ==> See our list of The Best Fake Christmas Trees that Look Real.     This idea I found on Flickr is gorgeous… blue criss-crossed ribbon garland. Or, how about this black, white…

Easy Appetizer Recipe – Sandwich Sliders (4 Recipes)

Y’all have GOT to make these sandwich sliders at your next game day party or get-together! These sandwich sliders are so delicious! I can never make enough of them – seriously, they eat them before I even get a second taste! There are 4 sandwich slider recipe variations in the recipe below: – Ham and…

Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

How about some yummy Apple Pie Moonshine to keep you and your honey warm around the bonfire this Fall? It’s easy enough to make this (very) adult beverage. Again, this is NOT for the kids – this is strictly for those over 21 and with a DD (that’s Designated Driver). This Apple Pie Moonshine recipe…

Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Recipe! What a DELICIOUS and EASY appetizer recipe this is – spinach and cheese stuffed mushrooms! Just look how delicious! (the recipe is below) Trust me, they are divine! Heavenly! Awesome… Here’s the recipe (found in this magazine):

Stunning Fall Centerpiece Idea

Now THIS is a great DIY idea for Fall! Just look at this gorgeous centerpiece… so rustic and warm. Would make your home feel like the season is supposed to about – welcome.

Gorgeous Pumpkin Fall Porch Decor Idea

I love the way this pumpkin is carved! Just a stunning idea all the way around for a pretty Fall look on your front porch. My goodness, I LOVE Fall decor!

DIY Beauty Scrub – Candy Corn Sugar Scrub

I came across this homemade candy corn sugar scrub recipe today and thought it was so cute AND something needed as the temperatures get cooler, the heat comes on, and my skin dries out. Have you ever used a sugar scrub to exfoliate your skin? If not, you really should – they’re wonderful! The complete…

Beautiful Fall Kitchen Decor Ideas

I am in LOVE with this kitchen!  And look, there’s those white pumpkins again! I love that white jug with the fall foliage in it, but I’m more of a “shabby chic decor” kind of gal. I love THIS jug for flowers in my kitchen… isn’t it gorgeous! I also have these Fall-scented candles in…

Best Ever Green Bean Casserole Recipe

Holiday Recipe Idea – When it comes to food we have at our family get-togethers, there is ALWAYS some form of green bean casserole. And naturally, each and every woman who brings one swears HER green bean casserole is THE best ever. Is it that way in YOUR family, too? If you want to end…

Shabby Chic Sunflower Mason Jar DIY Ideas

A mason jar, a couple sunflowers, some ribbon – and presto – some cute shabby chic decor. Or heck, you don’t even need the ribbon.  Isn’t this pretty with the candles?  Would be gorgeous for an outdoor wedding or party. But this one is my favorite of all – painted mason jars with sunflowers in…

Fall Decor Idea for Your Foyer

Fall Decor Idea for Your Foyer This is a gorgeous idea for decorating your entryway/foyer for Fall! The white wall really gives it a homey, farmhouse feel, doesn’t it? If you want more Fall decorating idea, check out this post – LOTS of cute (and easy) ideas.    

Thanksgiving DIY Idea – Make Your Own Tablecloth

Thanksgiving DIY Idea – Make Your Own Tablecloth I am in love with this idea for our Thanksgiving table!  I took one look at the tablecloth and thought, “I can totally make that!” I’ve seen pretty ideas for using WHITE pumpkins for fall decorating over on this website. This is one idea for the mantle…

It’s Fall, Y’all – and I NEED This Fire Pit!

It’s Fall, Y’all – and I NEED This Fire Pit! My favorite time of year:  FALL (see my awesome Fall front porch decorating here). I so need THIS fire pit in my backyard like YESTERDAY!  Don’t you just love it?!?!

Halloween Pudding Cups Snack Idea

How cute are these Halloween pudding cups!??!

Peanut Butter Cup Brownies – Yes PLEASE!

Found this YUMMY Peanut Butter Cup brownie recipe on Pinterest. I must have it NOW! Recipe is here

Glitter Pinky Rose Lipstick and Nail Polish Idea

How pretty – if you like glittery nails and lips! That was shared on Instagram here.    

Pink and Black Sweet 16 Birthday Party Invitations

White Diamonds Pink Black Sweet 16 Birthday Party Invitation Pink Black Sweet 16 Masquerade Party Custom Invitations Black & Pink Sweet 16 Photo Invitations Pink Black Photo Sweet 16 Birthday Party Personalized Invitations White Diamonds Pink Black Sweet 16 Birthday Party Invitations Vintage Paris Pink Black Sweet 16 Birthday Personalized Invite Pink Black White Sweet…